Those who follow me on Instagram or Facebook for a longer time have seen me doing Shashlik a few times already.

The way I prepare it is pretty simple (and based on my wife pretty authentic)

I usually use pork neck for it, it needs to have some fat. I then cut it in cubes and put it in a bowl.

The meat then gets seasoned with salt and pepper only, sometimes I use paprika powder as well.

The trick then happens through Onions. Put a lot of onions (I cut the onion in half and then to slizes). Dependant on your taste you can put more or less onions in, but in general Shashlik needs plenty of onions. Roughly I would use 4-5 big ones for 1kg of pork meat and they are important for the tenderness of the dish!

This then gets mixed through so onions are everywhere in the meat. I do fill the bowl up with white wine (does not need to be the expensive stuff) so the meat is covered. Finally add a few bay leaves for additional flavor.

That’s it already. Let it marinate over night (I usually do prepare the dish the night before I grill it).

The next day, remove the onions (yes) and the liquid and put the meat on skewers.

Obviously, that gets on the grill then.




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