About me

I am a foody – When I was a kid I already loved the dishes my mom was doing (ok, most of them) and I always enjoyed special meals.

When I started to live alone, I also started to cook and quickly advanced from the convenience food to more interesting dishes. I started to experiment and I started to ask people for advice, if possible at all, locals.

So during time things developed. I guess my first descent kitchen gadget was a cast-iron Wok, that I really enjoyed using being adicted to asian food and flavor.

When I then got married, I was able to fullfil a dream: My first Weber grill, a charcoal one.

Ever since I added Grills to the house, starting with a smoker and latest a Weber Genesis. And I started to broaden the dishes we would have. You will see some of the gear that is assembled on either my Instagram feed or on this page. Right now I use my Gyros Grill frequently (and I’ll share that recipe as well soon), as well as my Sous Vide machine. The Wok is also under constant use.

But what you will also see on this blog is vegetarian food. With more cooking and practicing I also looked more into how food is getting produced and processed. And I started to eat healthier where possible, reducing meat dishes to the weekend mostly.

If you care, here’s a longer post on this topic from my other blog.

Pls comment on the recipes. Make suggesting how to make things better so a broader group of people can benefit from this!

Now, have fun reading and more fun preparing and eating the dishes. And get inspired!