Japanese influenced flank steak

One of the dishes that I used as an excuse to start this blog was a nice steak I had done last weekend.

I am usually more a fan of Ribeye steak, rather than flank. But as I had done a nice flank few weeks ago (need to write about the recipe as well soon), I came across this nice idea in “Fire & Food” where they had a special on flank steaks.

The whole idea of this dish is pretty simple. I didn’t marinate the Steak at all (I had 1kg, 3 pieces) but only seasoned it with Togarashi. To my surpise I was able to get the spice at Metro. Otherwise I would have simply mixed it.

After seasoning the meat and letting it rest for about 15 min, I grilled it medium rare.

When serving, we dipped the pieces into Ponzu sauce which added the special flavor to the meat. I basically mixed the ingredients, hard to go wrong when you taste it here and there.


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