Some Whisky recommendations

During a work dinner last week I was asked by 2 Colleagues about some Whisky suggestions – and I thought as I had not blogged here for a while I could simply post it here for others to also take a look. This list is really intended for people to get started and who are looking for descent bottles to start with – it is by far not a list for advanced people ….


When it comes to scotch, I would make the following recommendations to get started:

Glenmorangie – 10 yrs

This whisky is my standard scotch that I usually always have open. Pretty mellow taste and great price usually

Glenlivet 12 yrs

This whisky is also very nice, mellow and a good way to learn to enjoy whisky. Not to harsh but also not the typical mass market thingy

Little more advanced suggestion: Oban 14 yrs

This Whisky was actually suggested to me by a scottish friend years ago. This whisky is more complex and when I drink it I can really enjoy it. Maybe not the best to start with, but a pretty good next step


I confess I do like Bourbon as much as I do like Scotch. I think both are really nice and there are really amazing Bourbons once you make it past mixing it with coke 😉

Maker’s Mark

Maker’s Mark is for me another one of these “I always have a bottle of it” whiskys. Very mellow and balanced, easy to drink and enjoy. And very soft.

Buffalo Trace

This Whisky is a somewhat recent discovery for me. Also very soft and balanced. Great one to just have a quick sip of it

More complex one: Woodford Reserve

This Whisky is one of my all time favorite Bourbons, no doubt. Much more complex, higher level of alcohol – but always amazing of you have time to enjoy it!

Honourable mentions:

Bushmills – Black Bush

Another one that I really like and buy from time to time. From Ireland and pretty mild


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