Pork shanks

It has been a while since I shared an incredible dish. Honestly, I am not short on great food, but I didn’t really feel that I should write about how I cook a simple steak – but maybe I should?!?!

Anyway, this is about pork shanks. Not that I am culturally very much into it as I do not live in Bavaria. But a few years ago this started out as a joke somehow and now usually I do shanks once a year.

So last Thursday way the time this year. We had 9 shanks, totalling around 14kg for 8 adults and 2 kids….

The seasoning of the shanks is as simple as it can be – salt, pepper, garlic, caraway seed, some paprika. That’s it. But it is important to cut through the skin before the shanks are cooked so the fat can drip out. Usually I would do rhombuses ….

To cook the shanks, I put them on the grill for 3.5 hrs (remember, each one was 1400g / 3 pounds) at about 150°C indirect heat. Turn them once in a while – I used my Genesis this time….

As a side we served bread dumplings and bavarian cabbage.

The cabbage was also very simple – cut onions and white cabbage. I used pork fat to fry the onions until soft and add some sugar to cramamelize the onions, then add the cabbage and fry for a few min. Add salt, pepper and caraway seeds to taste. I then added some roasted bacon, you can also add the bacon as first thing and fry it on the same pan.

Finally add vegatable broth and let the whole thing simmer for 25 – 45 min. The longer, the softer the cabbage gets. If you like you can also add some starch dissolved in water to thicken the sauce.


That’s about it. The food came out great, I just need to confess that I seem to get old as I had to fight finish the shank ….